Mixed-Ages Generations

The Terraces (location map)
Friday, 10:30 AM
03/30/18 - 06/01/18 (10 weeks)

Music Together® Generations Classes  A mixed-ages class held in senior residential and day programs across the country! People of all ages come together to sing, dance, shaker shakers, and swing scarves during weekly Music Together intergenerational classes.  As the children's music-learning is nurtured, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their grownups also foster new and important relationships with "Musical Grandfriends."  These unique and powerful classes are also greatly enjoyed by the seniors and staff.  Seniors look forward to the children's lively visits, the chance to share memories, and the sheer fun of these playful music-making experiences.  The additional cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits for both children and elders make the Generations class a win-win for all participants.

Come be part of this very special class with your little music-maker!  We are changing the world with this class!



Upcoming Meetings
04/27/18    10:30 AM Friday 04/27/18 10:30 AM
05/04/18    10:30 AM Friday 05/04/18 10:30 AM
05/11/18    10:30 AM Friday 05/11/18 10:30 AM
05/18/18    10:30 AM Friday 05/18/18 10:30 AM
05/25/18    10:30 AM Friday 05/25/18 10:30 AM
06/01/18    10:30 AM Friday 06/01/18 10:30 AM