FAQ Online Music Together®

Question and Answers: Online Music Together

How do I participate?

After registering for our Online Music Membership, you will receive a confirmation and an invite to join a special Music Together in Phoenix Online Facebook Group.  You will receive email notifications each week with special “add on” and printables/downloadables to accompany our new online curriculum.  Please make sure that Hello@musictogetherinphx.com does not go to your spam or junk emails.  Zoom Membership Families will recieve the sign-in & invitation to your weekly ZOOM classes.  All the recorded videos and links to the FB LIVE videos can also be found at our special BONGOS Family Portal page.  Scroll down for more information.

My child does not seem to want to watch videos.  How is this different from putting on a Youtube video?

Music Together Online is designed to be a fun, educational and interactive experience with your child, you and the music, all together.  It is not intended to be something that the children do while the grownups do their own thing.  Young children learn best with role modeling from the people they have a strong emotional bond  . . . YOU!  Even if you feel like you can't sing or dance with ease, if you join in joyfully, your child(ren) will get so much more out of their experience.

Please remember that children have different learning styles.  It is common to see children with visual and/or auditory learning styles watching intently . . . sometimes without much movement or sound.  They most likely are absorbing & taking in the information they need to play with the music at a later time.  If your child is a more active / kinesthetic learner, they might be in motion the whole time while seemingly never paying attention actively.  We hear from many parents that these children are the ones that are humming the songs later while playing.  Trust that learning is happening even when it might not look like tradiational learning, ie following what the teacher does!  Parents, if you can stay focused on following the teacher and being an active music maker, you might notice that your children notice you and be learning from you.  Children get their disposition to be musical . . . from the important grownups in their lives.  

Here are a few more tips for getting the most fun and educational value from the classes:  Learn More 

My family is not on Facebook, how can I participate?

We realize some families are not thrilled with Facebook.  Given that we are in a special health crisis and having to operate in so many new ways, we are hoping that you might consider using this platform for receiving your special interactive music time.  We are using it because it is free, it is user-friendly, and we already have a presence with so many of our families.  Some families may choose do be part of a weekly scheduled ZOOM classes, in lieu of the Facebook classes.  We will be using both Facebook LIVE and posting pre-recorded videos.   

If you want an alternative to watching videos on Facebook, please go to our special BONGOS Family Portal page under "Enrolled Families" at our website to find all the pre-recorded videos!  

How often should my family join in the videos? 

Each family gets to decide the "right" amount of music time for their family.  To get the most educational benefit from our online teaching, we suggest that families minimally join classes two times per week.  Find a great balance for YOUR family and remember to keep it fun!  

How do I receive my take-home materials?

Registrations received by 8/31 can choose to have their materials mailed for $5 shipping or to pick up at KIds.Play.Music. on 9/02 (4-5pm) or 9/03 (9-10am).  Registrations received after 8/31 will have their materials mailed directly to your house for a $5.00 shipping fee.  

How does tuition work?

We have two different membership levels:  ZOOM + Membership = $75 per month  /   Recorded/FB LIVE Membership = $60 per month. Tuition is per household, not per child.  Tuition is charged at time of registration for September.  For October to May (except December), tuition will be charged to your credit card on file on the first Monday of the month.  A $10 late fee will be added to outstanding balances on the second Monday of the month.  

How do I update my credit card information?

From the "Enrolled Families" drop down menu, select "My Account" then "Payment Methods."

I missed my ZOOM Class, can I pop in to a different ZOOM Class?

If you miss your scheduled weekly ZOOM Class, you may schedule a Make Up class w 24 hours in advance to give our office time to send your new sign in information.  Families can also choose to join in with any of the Pre-recorded or FB LIVE classes as needed for make ups.

What is the difference between Recorded/FB LIVE Membership and Zoom + Membership?

Zoom + Membership includes all the same benefits of Recorded/FB LIVE Membership plus a regularly scheduled weekly ZOOM class.  

Will classes be pro-rated after the first week of the month?

For Recorded/FB Live, we will leave all videos active for three weeks online so there is no need to pro-rate tuition.  Families can join mid-month and still catch up on all their music time from earlier in the month.   For Zoom + Membership, registrations will be prorated automatically at checkout (minus materials).  The prorated month does not count towards the two-month minimum.

Can I cancel my membership or get a refund?

Classes are not eligible for refund.  Music Membership requires two fully paid months of classes.  If you wish to withdraw before the end of May, please notify our office on or before the 15th of the month to cancel your membership.   

What is the Refer-a-Friend program?

When a new family registers for our Zoom + Membership and puts your name in the "Referred by" section on their registration, you both receive $10 off next month's tuition.  Thank you for sharing Music Together!  

Are nieces and nephews not living at my house counted in family tuition?

Your membership is good for all family that lives within your household.  It is not intended to be shared with not-enrolled families.

When will live classes resume?

Good question!  We hope to be back with “LIVE & IN PERSON” classes as soon at possible and will adjust schedules as needed. 


Thank you for joining us in music making with your children; we are honored to do this important work together to nurture your children's musicality.