What our Music Together® families say...

"It's awesome, fun, play centered - my kid has amazing rhythm, and sings and is happy since we've been coming. I am so pleased!"

Family from Summer III

"Josh has been in class since he was 2 and has grown musically both at home and in class, playing instruments and dancing. He is able to move and sing to the beat like we do in class. We love it!"

Mommy Leslie

"Great stimulation, music appreciation, social and togetherness activity!"

Smith family

"Fun times as always! It's always "new" because kids are at different stages developmentally"

Family from Summer III

"My children really blossomed with their interest in music (singing, dancing and instruments). Kate looked forward to music class all week and ALWAYS wants to listen to the CD in the car. She sings everywhere all by herself and even teaches her own music class to her stuffed animals. Thanks!"

Brown family

"We have really enjoyed this class - it teaches us both and gives us a chance to spend quality time together!"

Mommy Rebecca

In regard to, why recommend program to other parents: "Best approach to musical learning - right balance of freedom and structure".

Family from Summer II

"Thanks, Kathy!! Having had Lena involved for so long I can now really see the effects of the class on her. She sings at any given time and makes up her own songs!,"

Mommy Doreen

"I just had to tell you that Caden was singing: I feel, I feel, I feel like a morning star, in the car on the way home! It was so cute! He has never heard that song before, he was even holding his little hands on his chest and everything!

No matter what kind of day/week I am having I always leave music class feeling like I have done something good, fun and worthwhile for my kids and myself! Thank you so much!"

Heidrich family

"As usual, it was wonderful to be in Music Together with my son. It is too easy to get caught up with daily schedules and leave out experiences like this. Especially with a second child, they can get caught up in the shuffle. I look forward to Thursdays with my second child!

Family from Winter "Bells"

"I like you Kathy. I like your instruments. I like you Walking On Sunshine!"

Alex, age 3 1/2

"It's one of the few parent/child classes that's as enjoyable for the parent as for the child."

Family from Spring "Maracas"

"We had a lot of fun. It's been fun after almost 2 years to see how the musical interpretation and participation has changed and developed for my son."

Family from Summer I

"It's been great for Addison's music, social, speech, and general development. We love it!"

Family from Winter "Bells"

"We love this class. Our who family enjoys singing and dancing to music at home as well as in class. I can really see how this class has helped develop my children's interest in music...can't say enough about it. You guys are great!!

Family from Fall "Fiddle"

"This experience has been NOTHING but positive. The twins sing in tune,momrize easily, find beats & rhythms and enjoy AN music."

Family from Fall "Fiddle"

"I love the message of being musical in many ways. Both my kids absorb what they are seeing and hearing and it gets incorportated in a lot of their play!"

Family from Fall "Bongos"

"Music is an essential part of learning!"

Family from Fall "Bongos"

In response to "Would you recommend this program to other parents?": "Yes, it has been a pleasure to watch my child's increased musical development over the years. It's a great activity for children and their parents to share together!"

Family from Fall "Fiddle"

"My daughter has speech delays. While attending classes weekly, she used her voice significantly since starting the class - LOVE IT!

Family from Spring "Triangle"

In response to "Would you reommend this program to other parents?": "Yes, ....research proving how early music impacts neural development and our actual experiences with this."

Family from Winter "Drum"

"Music Together not only exposes my child to the beautiful world of music, but also is a safe social setting for my child to feel comfortable and come ut of his "shell". While his often quiet and observant in class, he sings the songs and asks to listen to the CD at home and in the car - with great enthusiasm!"

Family from Fall "Flute"

"We love Music Together! Every teacher we've had has done a great job. All have different styles which is fun to see, but ALL are fun and great. Thank you!"

Family from Fall "Flute"

Hello Ladies,
I wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for offering such a wonderful program for our community. Both of my girls have been in some sort of music class since they were born. I loved meeting other families and I know they loved the interaction, songs, sounds, and overall experience each week. We've been with Music Together for over a year now and have loved every class and every teacher!

Recently my daughter was diagnosed with bilateral sensory neuro hearing loss. We arent sure what caused it or if perhaps its been there since birth. Our focus now is to get her the support she needs. She will be getting hearing aids next week and we are working with two organizations to help get her caught up. Mostly it's her vocabulary that has suffered followed by her speech of course.

We were told at our last meeting with the team from the Early Intervention program that her speech and listening skills are surprisingly advanced for her capacity to hear. They are attributing this to her music exposure. The repetition and the and variety of sounds that Annabel is exposed to in your classes and with the CDs has helped her in many way. Thank you! I was so very pleased when I heard this.

Again, thank you for all your time, energy, trainings, and community events. We are blessed to live so close and enjoy making music with you each week.

Mommy Emily - Spring "Triangle"