Friends of Foster Children Families

To Families of Foster Children,

The Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation is an amazing resource for families fostering children, helping to finance fun (and educational) activities for children, such as attending Music Together®!   Music is a powerful tool for bonding and attachment!  Playful and enriching, it's 45 minutes of fun (for everyone!) with benefits that extend far beyond the classroom.  Please contact AFFCF for more information:  Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation or call 602-252-9445.  

If you are a part of AFFCF and have been approved for attending Music Together in Phoenix classes, please call our office to get a spot saved for your child while await the processing time:  602-363-8202.  AFFCF families get a 10% discount on tuition! 

We look forward to singing & dancing with you!  ♥ ♫ ♥