Online Learning that's Fun and Formative

Fall "Bongos," Winter "Bells" & Spring "Triangle"  

September 7th thru May 30th. 

Join your favorite teachers in making beautiful music . . . TOGETHER in your own home!  Like all our classes, the program is designed to teach the way young children learn; through PLAY! 

Your whole family will have a blast singing, giggling, wiggling, dancing and jamming along.  Our goals: to keep music making alive and strong for young people while nurturing their inner musicians, to provide high quality music experiences for families that they can enjoy in the comfort (and safety) of your own home, and to grow our early childhood music making community, bringing families together making beautiful music with their children.   Won't you join us!


Music Membership (and continuous enrollment) returns!

Benefits include:

  • Space is saved for your family with your favorite ZOOM class teacher & time (or in our FB LIVE & Recorded classes) through May!
  • Never need to remember an earlybird code or wonder if you signed up for the next semester of classes.
  • Since children learn best with ongoing music exposure and opportunities for experimentation, be assured that you are providing a rich musical environment at home to nurture their learning and development.
  • Tuition is automatically charged monthly: no fees due in December, no sibling fees, and when registering now, tuition will not be charge again until 10/05!
  • After a two-month minimum commitment, families may opt out by telling our office by the 15th of the month. 
  • Share the joy of music with our Refer-a-Friend program!   When a new family registers for our Zoom + Membership and puts your name in the "Referred by" section on their registration, you both receive $10 off next month's tuition.  

ZOOM + Membership: $75 per month, includes

  • One scheduled weekly LIVE ZOOM Class - class size: minimum 5 families and maximum 12 families.  Meet with the same families; see each other in class each and every week; hear your child's name in the "Hello Song"'; contribute ideas for song verses; engage & interact with the teacher & other families!  No sibling fees.  Miss a class?  No problem, schedule a makeup ZOOM class (at least 24 hours in advance) or join in with a recorded or FB Live class.
  • Plus, unlimited recorded online classes: mixed ages, babies only, con Español & Rhythm Kids, for the entire household
  • Beautifully illustrated songbook, CD & digital download code per collection
  • Without having to get in the car, make beautiful music with your favorite teacher while getting to be with other families, virtually.  Families also have the option of tuning in to ALL our recorded classes in your own time!
  • Fun extras!

Recorded/FB LIVE Membership: $60 per month, includes 

  • Unlimited online classes: mixed ages, babies only, con Español & Rhythm Kids, for the entire household

  • Beautifully illustrated songbook, CD & digital download code per collection
  • Make music with all our amazing team of teachers, in your own house, at your own time!
  • Fun extras!
These classes give your family a wonderful, quality experience that you don't have to create or schedule.  Just log in, participate and enjoy the same high quality, research based, fun music experiences you have come to know and love!  
More than screen time!  This is an active experience for your family . . . think about it as an "experience" & interaction mindset instead of "entertainment" time.  Your teacher is there, as in in-person classes, to model for both YOU and then you model joyful music-making for your children.  Classes will be presented utilizing ZOOM, Recorded, and Facebook Live.  Recorded videos can also be accessed be at our website in the Enrolled Families Section.

These packages of online music experiences and resources create a comprehensive music-learning program for young children of the highest caliber; just what you would expect from Music Together®.

Thank you for helping us keep music alive and strong for your children (and also, our creative & fun team of teachers teaching)!  ♫ ♥ ♫



Infants through age 5:  This is the essential Music Together class; one that a child may attend from birth through kindergarten through all nine collections.  Younger children enjoy and benefit by watching and imitating the older ones; older children learn by leading the younger ones; and parents enjoy coming together for music as a family. Each child participates at his or her own developmental level: singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching and exploring musical instruments. 


The whole family is welcome for this important music making experience!


Birth to 8 months:   Every child's development benefits  from early exposure to music and movement.  Because the early months are so important, Music Together offers two options for babies.  Babies may also take the special Babies Class, a one-semester introduction to the Music Together program. This class is a delight to parents: many are enjoying parenthood for the first time and are eager to learn and share experiences.



The musical experiences are designed for parents that want to learn as much as possible about the development of infants.  

Mixed / Music Together con Español

Enroll in Music Together con Español and try algo nuevo - something new!  Music Together con Español is a bilingual English/Spanish version of the Music Together mixed-age class you know and love.  The songs in the fall's Fiddle Song Collection have been recorded in a mixture of English and Spanish, which you'll take home on a CD and also be able to access online.  And, in addition to your weekly classes, and the biligual recording, you'll receive the new English-language illustrated songbook, a booklet with the Spanish lyrics, and a family newsletter with more at-home music-making idea that can hacer que cada día sea más divertido - make every day more fun!

Rhythm Kids

Rhythm Kids is the next musical step for your child (ages 4-8) with a parent or caregiver.  Each week we drum, sing, play rhythm instruments, and begin to play music-based games.  Rhythm Kids guides children toward developmentally appropriate music and movement activities, where they can begin to take charge, lead others, and be musically creative, as they:

  • make up their own drumming patterns
  • invent new ways to play rhythm instruments (shakers, sticks, etc.);
  • create movement ideas for songs;
  • and even take a drum solo!

Rhythm Kids follows through on the Music Together vision to help children complete the pathway of early childhood music development from birth through age eight.

Classes include:

  • Weekly Zoom class and/or online classes
  • Animal Collection Songbook and 2 CD's each semester
  • Access to online drum-play videos and other material

Your child will:

  • Explore the world of rhythm through movement, instrument play, and song
  • Develop basic rhythm skills, like keeping the beat, improvising, ensemble play, and soloing
  • Learn to create, cooperate, and express themselves musically

Drums can be purchased by contacting the office (or you can use household objects).  Just add hands!

"ON HOLD" status indicates the class is currently under-enrolled.  Call the office to get on a "wish list".  If the class reaches its minimum, you will be notified.   If the class you want is "FULL", please call to get on the wait list.