Summer Con Español

Online (location info)
Mon - Sun, Anytime
06/08/20 - 08/02/20 (8 weeks)


Unlimited online classes for the whole family!  We'll keep our distance and you can make beautiful music . . . with us and with your family!! 
We are excited to share our ONLINE "Music Membership"!    We will be offering twice daily classes at Facebook LIVE and pre-recorded for families to sing, dance, shake and jam along with.  Using props that you can find around the house, you might find that this is a great way to give structure and fun to mandatory "at home" time together. 

New Offering for Summer: ZOOM + Membership Level

  • Weekly LIVE ZOOM Class - Tuesdays @ 10:30 am w teacher Megan only $75 per month (2 month minimum) and includes all other music membership benefits, no sibling fees.  Class size limited to 12 families.  Meet with the same families; see each other in class each and every week!

Upcoming Meetings
07/14/20    Anytime Tuesday 07/14/20 Anytime
07/15/20    Anytime Wednesday 07/15/20 Anytime
07/16/20    Anytime Thursday 07/16/20 Anytime
07/17/20    Anytime Friday 07/17/20 Anytime
07/18/20    Anytime Saturday 07/18/20 Anytime
07/19/20    Anytime Sunday 07/19/20 Anytime
07/20/20    Anytime Monday 07/20/20 Anytime
07/21/20    Anytime Tuesday 07/21/20 Anytime
07/22/20    Anytime Wednesday 07/22/20 Anytime
07/23/20    Anytime Thursday 07/23/20 Anytime
07/24/20    Anytime Friday 07/24/20 Anytime
07/25/20    Anytime Saturday 07/25/20 Anytime
07/26/20    Anytime Sunday 07/26/20 Anytime
07/27/20    Anytime Monday 07/27/20 Anytime
07/28/20    Anytime Tuesday 07/28/20 Anytime
07/29/20    Anytime Wednesday 07/29/20 Anytime
07/30/20    Anytime Thursday 07/30/20 Anytime
07/31/20    Anytime Friday 07/31/20 Anytime
08/01/20    Anytime Saturday 08/01/20 Anytime
08/02/20    Anytime Sunday 08/02/20 Anytime
"ON HOLD" status indicates the class is currently under-enrolled.  Call the office to get on a "wish list".  If the class reaches its minimum, you will be notified.   If the class you want is "FULL", please call to get on the wait list.