Music Together in Phoenix Teaching Team
Recorded/FB LIVE (location info)
Mon - Sun, Anytime
Start Date: 01/04/21
Duration: ongoing
End Date: ongoing


Infants through age 5:  This is the essential Music Together® class; one that a child may attend from birth through kindergarten through all nine collections.  Younger children enjoy and benefit by watching and imitating the older ones; older children learn by leading the younger ones; and parents enjoy coming together for music as a family. Each child participates at his or her own developmental level: singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching and exploring musical instruments. 


The whole family is welcome for this important music making experience!

Upcoming Meetings
01/18/21    Anytime Monday 01/18/21 Anytime
01/19/21    Anytime Tuesday 01/19/21 Anytime
01/20/21    Anytime Wednesday 01/20/21 Anytime
01/21/21    Anytime Thursday 01/21/21 Anytime
01/22/21    Anytime Friday 01/22/21 Anytime
01/23/21    Anytime Saturday 01/23/21 Anytime
01/24/21    Anytime Sunday 01/24/21 Anytime
01/25/21    Anytime Monday 01/25/21 Anytime
01/26/21    Anytime Tuesday 01/26/21 Anytime
01/27/21    Anytime Wednesday 01/27/21 Anytime
01/28/21    Anytime Thursday 01/28/21 Anytime
01/29/21    Anytime Friday 01/29/21 Anytime
01/30/21    Anytime Saturday 01/30/21 Anytime
01/31/21    Anytime Sunday 01/31/21 Anytime
02/01/21    Anytime Monday 02/01/21 Anytime
02/02/21    Anytime Tuesday 02/02/21 Anytime
02/03/21    Anytime Wednesday 02/03/21 Anytime
02/04/21    Anytime Thursday 02/04/21 Anytime
02/05/21    Anytime Friday 02/05/21 Anytime
02/06/21    Anytime Saturday 02/06/21 Anytime
"ON HOLD" status indicates the class is currently under-enrolled.  Call the office to get on a "wish list".  If the class reaches its minimum, you will be notified.   If the class you want is "FULL", please call to get on the wait list.