Music Together® Online - Tips for fun & educational experience

Suggestions for a fun & and educational experience: 

  • Have fun!  Grownups, please sing, dance & jam along with the teacher. Just like in our face-to-face classes, the more fun you have during music, the more comfortable your children will be. The classes are designed to be experienced with the child and grownup joining in . . . together! 
  • Let go of performance expectations of your child.  If your child is not following along with the actions of the online teacher, it is totally okay to keep having fun yourself and let them experience the music as is appropriate for them (or feel free to pause the video and come back at a later time).   Just like in class, children have different learning styles - some children watch & absorb while others might be moving or playing the drum all the way through the "quiet" song!  It's important to let your child experience the music-making in their own way.
  • Make music time a routine part of your day(or week); something for everyone can look forward to doing . . . together. Join us online at scheduled times or when it works best for you; and as often as you wish. 
  • Listen to your music frequently . . . at home, on walks, playing the in backyard and in the car (if you go in the car)!

Our goal with Online Music Together is to give continuity to our families by providing the same high quality and developmentally appropriate music experiences - that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Making music with your child helps to relieve stress, create strong emotional connections together, and give both parent & child a sense of joy and normalcy.