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3 Week Wiggle in August!

Experience the Joys of Family Music with this short session 8/14 to 8/31; includes fun take-home music and lots of air-conditioned summer fun!  Learn More  
Babies Only Class (9 months and younger) - come sample three weeks on us; only pay for our "Family Favorites" CD.  Use coupon "DCBABIES" for $45 off tuition for Tuesday's 11:30 am class.

All Children Are Musical


Music brings us all together!  Come experience the joy of making Music Together® with the "grand friends" at the Terraces.  Join the weekly VERY mixed age Generations Music Together class.

We'd love for ALL families to experience this amazing class; add Generations class as a 2nd time per week for only $75.00!

All BABIES Are Musical!

Come experience the rich world of music with infants- Music Together Babies

The NEXT musical step!

Music for 4yr to 2nd grade:  Rhythm Kids 1: 4 & 5 yr olds and  Rhythm Kids 2: K-2nd Grade   Come sing, dance, play and learn with world music and djembes!

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The gift of music lasts a lifetime!


Share your love of music & young children; join our passionate talented team and be a Music Together teacher - the best job on the planet!  Email Resume  

Preschool AND Music Together!

Looking for great preschool AND love Music Together?  Cross Roads PSK is now offering the Introductory Music Together In-School curriculum as part of their weekly curriculum.  Child take home the music, the teachers use the music, and the children have weekly Music Together classes with us!  


Click here to learn about exciting music possibilities for your child's school!



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