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4 Week WIGGLE - August!

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Bring high quality music experiences right into your own living room!   Using the "Family Favorites" Music Collection (and continuing w TREE FROG for Rhythm Kids), we'll be nurturing their inner musican together.   4 wks:  8/03 to 8/30.  NEW - more LIVE ZOOM classes offered daily!

All Children Are Musical

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More than just a music class, Music Together® is about connecting - with music, with your child, and with other families in your community.  Playful & enriching, it's heaps of fun (for everyone!) with benefits that extend far beyond the classroom.  Experience the magic today!


The NEXT musical step!

Music for 4yr to 2nd grade:  Rhythm Kids 1: 4 & 5 yr olds and  Rhythm Kids 2: K-2nd Grade   Come sing, dance, play and learn with world music and djembes!

All BABIES Are Musical!

Give your infant a great start with the rich world of music, learn how to support your child with musical experiences and meet other families with infants- Music Together Babies

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The gift of music lasts a lifetime!


Share your love of music & young children; join our passionate talented team and be a Music Together teacher - the best job on the planet!  Email Resume  


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