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From babyhood through early elementary years, Music Together® nurtures each child's natural musicality. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and the grownups who love them come together (currently ONLINE) for singing, dancing, playing and learning. Little ones and adults love bonding through music and joining a community of music-makers each week. 

Throughout the day, families continue the fun with the help of beautiful recordings and songbooks. This unique family activity is just what young children need to develop a life-long love of music!

Over 10,000 babies, toddlers and preschoolers enrolled since 1999!

Joyfully serving the Valley of the Sun in 8 locations, 3 Outreach locations and Preschool

Music Together In Phoenix, LLC

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4 Week WIGGLE - August!

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Bring high quality music experiences right into your own living room!   Using the "Family Favorites" Music Collection (and continuing w TREE FROG for Rhythm Kids), we'll be nurturing their inner musican together.   4 wks:  8/03 to 8/30.  NEW - more LIVE ZOOM classes offered daily!

All Children Are Musical

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More than just a music class, Music Together is about connecting - with music, with your child, and with other families in your community.  Playful & enriching, it's heaps of fun (for everyone!) with benefits that extend far beyond the classroom.  Experience the magic today!


The NEXT musical step!

Music for 4yr to 2nd grade:  Rhythm Kids 1: 4 & 5 yr olds and  Rhythm Kids 2: K-2nd Grade   Come sing, dance, play and learn with world music and djembes!

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